Cakewalk SONAR V-Studio 700

At the 2009 Winter NAMM Show, Cakewalk announced that SONAR V-Studio 700, Cakewalk’s “ultimate solution for music production”, is now shipping worldwide.

Here are the details:

SONAR V-Studio 700 matches SONAR 8 Producer with the VS-700C V-Studio Console multifunction control surface and the VS-700R V-Studio I/O, which includes an onboard Roland Fantom VS Hardware synthesizer.

SONAR V-Studio 700 includes:

  • SONAR 8 Producer Digital Audio Workstation
  • The full version of Rapture Virtual Instrument
  • The VS-700C V-Studio Console
  • The VS-700R V-Studio I/O
  • The integrated Roland Fantom VS hardware synthesizer
  • VS-700C V-Studio Console

The hardware centerpiece is the VS-700C V-Studio Console.

The VS-700C, designed jointly by Cakewalk and Roland, offers deeper integration into SONAR’s editing and mixing capabilities than any off the shelf control surface. The VS-700C offers dedicated implementation of ACT (Active Controller Technology), which automatically remaps controls to what has the focus.

VS-700R V-Studio I/O

The VS-700R V-Studio I/O audio interface was designed to complement to SONAR’s internal 64-bit audio quality, and to provide extensive I/O options to take advantage of SONAR’s flexible bussing capabilities and integration with external hardware.

The VS-Studio 700 includes the best mic preamps and converter technology Roland has to offer. The preamps are also digitally-controlled. This lets you adjust preamp gain from the same control surface where you mix, and save gain settings as presets.

Roland Fantom VS and ARX expansion capability

The VS-700R also includes the Roland Fantom VS hardware synthesizer which adds to the full complement of inspiring synthesizers that are included in SONAR 8. The Fantom VS operates as a hardware VSTi instrument with complete access over all parameters accessible via a dedicated software plug-in interface and editor within SONAR.

Because the Fantom VS is DSP powered within the VS-700R I/O, it offers zero latency and CPU loading. SONAR V-Studio 700 provides even more hardware synthesis capabilities with an onboard ARX Expansion Slot. Just like with the Fantom VS, when you plug in an ARX Series Expansion Board you get a second hardware VSTi instrument that integrates seamlessly into SONAR’s workflow. Each ARX expansion board has its own dedicated custom graphic interface and powerful editor.

The ARX-01 Drums and ARX-02 Electric Piano expansion boards powered by Roland’s SuperNATURAL™ sound technology are currently available. A new board, the ARX-03 Brass, will be available March, 2009.

The SONAR V-Studio 700 system ships with SONAR 8 Producer, Rapture software synthesizer, the VS-700C V-Studio Console, the VS-700R V-Studio I/O with onboard Fantom VS synth, cables, and user guide.

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  1. I saw this at NAMM and loved the controller – Unfortaunately CAKEWALK will not sell it separately from the I/O unit – which is great for new recordists – but for those of us who already have thousands tied up in other I/O units – this is disapointing.

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