25 thoughts on “The Prodigy Return, With “Omen”

  1. Yeap it’s a VirusTI Polar & a Moog Voyager…:P
    No their not trying to relive their Firestarter days…
    Yes Liam is the absolute beats master

    Waiting anxiously for the new album

  2. I wouldn’t think of firestarter if you didn.t mention it. I still can’t think of firestarter listening to this record nor watching this video

  3. It sounds mysteriously like they adopted the sound that resulted from the pendulum cover of voodoo people.

    Not that that’s a bad thing; it’s about time they mastered the dnb beats.

  4. I like the track better than the preview track “Invaders Must Die”, but I wouldn’t have chosen it as a single (then again, I wouldn’t have chosen “Girls” as the first single off their last album either). Not enough hook compared to their old stuff.

    It’s nice to see Keith and Maxim back in the fold.

    For the record, I wasn’t as impressed with the Pendulum remix of “Voodoo People”, not nearly as good as the original single. The Audio Bullys’ remix of “Out of Space”, however, was brilliant.

  5. I’d love to see Liam do some solo stuff… Drop the other dudes and just concentrate on some solid beats and melodies ala “Girlz’ – thats actually a great track. I’d love to hear some hard techno by him, that’d just rock!!! He has some talent, but man, I reckon the whole ‘band’ thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth… Out of interest, does anyone know if Liam has released any recent things under other pseudonyms or names?

  6. Oh, who am I kidding… I’ll buy the album anyway. I’ll probably moan about it for a few months (“it’s not up to their old stuff”, etc), then bury it for a few months, and by the time I get back I’ll like it again (hey, worked with Moby’s last album… hated it when it came out, loved it six months later)

  7. ‘Tis strange when you influence people who then influence you (Michael Jackson and Rodney Jerkins is another example).

    This has tough beats of the now, but mixes that with the catchy rave riffs of the 90s (a la the Prodigy Experience). I like this more than “Invaders Must Die”, it’s more melodic. And based on what Liam’s said, consistent with his aims for this album.

    Tough thing for electronic music artists: SO MUCH PRESSURE to “keep a style” yet continue emerging your sound. A seeming contradiction, but possible.

    This track would mix well with Underworld’s “Pearls’ Girl”; the tempo is similar and the rhythms are structurally similar (timbres are quite different).

  8. They are doing what they do, and I like it for what it is. It sounds a lot like their older stuff, and I presume the album will, too. Not revolutionary, barely evolutionary, but more of the same old. But that same old was good, so it is more good, no?

  9. There once was a time,when I could listen to The Prodigy without feeling ashamed…Right now it just sounds like,they’re trying to appeal to a new crowd,consisting of emo twats and people,who think that electronic music started in the nineties.The production is still pretty good though.

  10. I gave this album a few more listens and it’s definitely grown on me. I can hear what your all saying about them having a more old-school sound in this and that’s probably what’s growing on me. I’m glad they aren’t doing that firestarter kinda crap anymore.

  11. I never thought I would be calling a prodigy album boring but this one really is.

    I am a fan as well. I used to listen to bootlegs of “funky shit” when it was a live only track.
    Saw them live when Liam only had his W-30 and a DAT going on.

    Those were the days!

    This sounds like canned soundalike music for a commercial or something.
    What a sad way to go out. Ouch.

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