Beat Kangz Beat Thang Demo

An introduction to the Beat Kangz Beat Thang:

Yeah it’s real…. It’s gonna make Real hits too….. Here it is for tha world to see…… The 100% original Beat Thang.

Note: It appears that this video has been yanked for its craptacularness. See comments below.

Note 2: It looks like they reposted it! I updated the embed above.

17 thoughts on “Beat Kangz Beat Thang Demo

  1. Ha! Wow, the guy all up in the camera was my internet promotion class and digital production teacher at SAE nashville campus. I remember when he brought the first beatmaker when it was still a prototype and let us all play with it. He’s a cool dude. This new unit looks pimp -he was already talking about ideas for this new one when he brought the first one to class.

  2. This Beatmachin is the biggest joke since a long time. There PR is one of the strangest things ever and im pretty sure this will be the biggest flop ever in the history of pimpmachines.

  3. They certainly need to hire a proper marketing person. I mean, I dig their enthusiasm for their product, but they haven’t produced a single piece of promotional video that actually shows off the product in a meaningful way. They’ve got the glitz and bling down on the unit, but their own presentation just screams “hype”.

    And the blinky blue lights just get distracting after a while…

  4. OK, looks like GearWire have put together a tighter look at the product (not ten minutes of meandering excitement), and without quite so much hype flying it actually starts to look kind of cool. It looks like a nice size and weight for taking it on the bus, built in rechargeable battery, two SD slots… and the possibility of toning down the outrageous bling, or fully pimping it out in their custom shop (hey, even Korg are trying something similar with their PadControl, using an outside company to “customize” units… mostly with things like Ableton logos)

    It remains to be seen how crazy the Beat Thang custom shop gets… will they put wheels on it? Add a wicked spoiler on the back for better stage aerodynamics?

  5. i think this is going to be an amazing product. I’m not really interested in how they market it honestly, I’m only interested in what it can do and from that alone I think many people will be getting one. I have seen a lot talk on the internet basically trashing these guys for their talk and I think that it’s ridiculous cause ultimately it’s about the machine and if it works which from the videos I have seen it does. When you actually think about the independent street style marketing is brilliant cause everyone is talking about this beat thang.

  6. It seems that as soon as a Black man in this bullshit society tries to accomplish something, there’s a fag like Doomsayer who’s probably a racist has bullshit to say like this”This Beatmachin is the biggest joke since a long time. There PR is one of the strangest things ever and im pretty sure this will be the biggest flop ever in the history of “pimpmachines”<very stereo typical. and these guys already got recognition from the Zoom Street Boxx that has done well in sales, so look into shit before you judge.

  7. The other video really shows what this box can do. If it’s not too $$ I’m gonna pick one up, the built in battery was a sick idea. Nice job guys.

  8. Some you beatmakers is doing there own thang, Some of you, Just dont understand! THat ThIs Is SoMe EvOlUtIoNaRy ShIt To ChAnGe ThE GaMe Im LoViNg It! CaN’T WaiT To GeT OnE! BeAt KaNgS LiVe LiFe AwSoMe! keep doing yo ThAnG!

  9. ..i'm very excited about it , I already have the virtual version, which has all the sounds and most of the features of the hardware. The sounds are good, definitely more diverse than what I expected, and they are usable for more than just hip hop. I did expect a lot of down south kits but it's pretty diverse.

    Obviously I'm a fan…

  10. if black people had a job, they could perhaps afford one?
    unless they do a bash and grab in the middle of the night
    so that they can pimp their ride homeys…lol

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