New Optigan Disk: Mod Rock!

Blogtigan has announced the next new Optigan disk, Mod Rock:

Here’s the official announcement of what we expect our next Optigan disc will be: MOD ROCK!

This is an original Optigan sound set that only ever made it to prototype phase in 1970. Those of you who have purchased my Optigan sample CD will be familiar with this sound set, as I’ve included samples of an original prototype Mod Rock disc on that CD.

Since I also have the original master tapes for this set, I thought we’d give it an official release, 39 years later!!

I’ve just finished mastering the sounds, which hopefully will sound right on the first try. We don’t have a release date just yet, but it won’t be right away, as we still have to create artwork, etc. As soon as we have an evalutation copy, I’ll post a demo video.

It’s great to see this vintage keyboard getting updated with these new Optigan disk releases.

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