Kurzweil Music Systems PC3x Review

EM has a review this month of the Kurzweil Music Systems PC3x.

EM basically raves about the Kurzweil PC3x:

I cannot think of a more thorough and better-implemented performance keyboard than the PC3x. The sounds are rich, expressive, and natural. Learning to become an expert V.A.S.T. programmer is difficult, but maneuvering around the instrument for typical live tasks couldn’t be simpler. Quick Access mode puts you one button away from whatever sound or preprogrammed setup of splits/layers you need, and there are numerous other shortcuts and button combinations. The user definability of every real-time control is beyond that of any other hardware synth.

Best of all, the PC3x is an honest-to-goodness synthesizer at heart. The VA-1 marriage with V.A.S.T. is brilliant, and you get an overwhelming number of usable preset sounds. Whether your interests are classical, pop, rock, jazz, or urban, the PC3x will become the centerpiece of your composition duties and the star of your stage performance. It’s a beautifully crafted instrument that’s a pure joy to play.

You can view the full review here.

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