Volta Quadrature LFO Demo

Matthew Davidson (Stretta) created this hardcore geektacular demo of using MOTU Volta to create a quadrature LFO:

A quadrature LFO has four outputs with the phase shifted in 90 degree increments. This produces the sine, cosine, inverted sine and inverted cosine. A quadrature LFO is useful for frequency shifters, barberpole effects, quad panning, phasers and so on.

In this demonstration, we’ll use our quadrature LFO to modulate the waveform animation section of a Livewire Audio Frequency Generator oscillator, then we’ll play with the LFO waveforms to create some syncopated timberal animation – all in sync with our project.

Volta is the shape of things to come for analog synthesis – deeper integration with your software.

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