Laptop Orchestra

laptop_orchestra is an interactive synaesthetic instrument, designed for performances of audio visual compositions in real time.

The space conformation of the fifteen laptops, arranged on regular rows, brings back to the formation of an orchestral group.

On each one of them is installed a Software consisting in algorithms which activate sounds and abstract visual shapes based on color spectrum. Each laptop has its own sound and its own instructions for the construction of a shape.

Interacting from the orchestra conductor podium, lightly touching metal stems, it is possible to activate or deactivate each single laptop , permitting the generation of an endless number of different compositions.

via limitazero

This installation has been commissioned by Toshiba.

Software made with Processing


WIRED NextFest 2007 – Los Angeles, USA
Nice – Treviso, Italy, 2007
Mediaruimte – Bruxelles, Belgium, 2006
Google Zeitgeist – Cantor Art Museum, Stanford-Palo Alto, USA 2006
WIRED NextFest 2006 – New York, USA
0006_limiteazero solo exhibition – Hublab Gallery, Milan, Italy, 2005
Futurshow, Toshiba area – Fiera of Milan, Italy, 2004

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