NSFW: Recital Organ, The Female Orgasm iPhone Instrument

Last week, I called Fart Piano the most unnecessary iPhone app ever. 

Now, a new app, Recital Organ, the “female orgasm iPhone instrument”, may give Fart Piano some competition!

According to its creator:

This might even make it to the appstore one day. Although everyone knows murder is considered more appropriate than healthy sex, so this is rather unlikely.

Let me know what you think in the comments.

One thought on “NSFW: Recital Organ, The Female Orgasm iPhone Instrument

  1. The most amazing thing is that is app sort of got approved.

    The way they got around the censorship was by making a generic (horrible sounding!) piano and allowing users to make and custom download sounds. Basically if you use the short url http://is.gd/zBzZ you'll get the original orgasm sounds.

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