Free Music From Amon Tobin

Amon Tobin has released a free 1:17 set, Foley Room Recorded Live In Brussels.

Back in early 2007 Amon Tobin released his latest full length album titled Foley Room and put together a tour focusing on the sound and the music, rather then thinking too much about lights, projections and stage antics.

The full-length, official recording of the legendary 2007 Foley Room tour is finally available at  Recorded by Studio Brussels at the AB theatre in Belgium – which arguably has the best sound system in Europe.

After months of back and forth and despite everyone’s best efforts the mix was in danger of being edited into the ground to accommodate big labels and publishers. Rather than release a compromised version commercially, the decision was made to give it away for free instead. You can download the mix as it was intended to be heard along with the full digital booklet, for free.

“F*** visuals we’re sinking every last penny into the sound system!” – Amon Tobin

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