Johannes Kreidler + Microsoft Songsmith Make Music From Your Misfortune

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Don’t watch this if you’re easily depressed!

Charts Music, by Johannes Kreidler. The melodies are derived from stock charts, and then arranged with Microsoft’s Composition Software Songsmith.

Kreidler is a provocateur and uses music to raise ethical questions. He’s best known for using his piece, product placements, to create a nightmare for GEMA (the German RIAA, and explore the ways that copyrights limit art in the process.

Kreidler livers in Berlin and teaches music theory and electronic music at the University of Music and Theater Rostock / Germany. He also teaches at the Hochbegabtenzentrum of the University of Music Detmold.

3 thoughts on “Johannes Kreidler + Microsoft Songsmith Make Music From Your Misfortune

  1. This is really pretty funny. The music is so cheery – it’s like cheesy old fifties music.

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