San Francisco Tape Music Festival Pits Paul McCartney Against Luciano Berio, Edgard Varèse & Pierre Schaeffer

The San Francisco Tape Music Festival, being held Jan 30-Feb 1, will feature music from classical electronic composers, including Luciano Berio, Edgard Varèse, Pierre Schaeffer & Paul McCartney:

A three night festival of new and classic audio art by 30 local and international composers diffused live over a pristine surround system consisting of 20+ speakers. Seated in the dark, it’s a unique opportunity to experience music forming, literally, around you. This year marks both 50- and 60-year anniversaries, being 50 years since many now-classic “tape music” pieces had their world premieres, and being 60 years since Pierre Schaeffer presented “Concert de Bruits,” the first concert of musique concrète. $7 for “underemployed” people per night, otherwise $12 per night.

Details below:

Friday, January 30, 2009 8pm

Pierre Schaeffer Étude Aux Sons Animés (1958)
György Ligeti Artikulation (1958)
Vladimir Ussachevsky Linear Contrasts (1958)
Paul Lansky Six Fantasies On A Poem By Thomas Campion (1978)
Ashley Bellouin Black Hole (SF Bay Area)
Thom Blum [new commission] (SF Bay Area)
Kyle Bruckmann & Olivia Block Untitled (SF Bay Area / Chicago)
Dugal McKinnon Catalogue with Analogues (New Zealand)
Janis Mercer Amsterdam (SF Bay Area)
Aaron Ximm (aka Quiet American) [new work] (SF Bay Area)

Saturday, January 31, 2009 8pm
The Fireman (aka Paul McCartney and Youth) Untitled (2008)
Luciano Berio Thema (Omaggio a Joyce) (1958)
John R. Pierce Stochatta (1959)
Geraud Bec buzzz (France)
Cliff Caruthers [new commission] (SF Bay Area)
George Cremaschi Winter Light (for Ingmar Bergman) (SF Bay Area)
Kent Jolly [new commission] (SF Bay Area)
Jon Leidecker/Wobbly Chart Tempo & World Retrograde (SF Bay Area)
Zhiye Li Dimanche Détendu (China/New Orleans)
Felipe Otondo Ciguri (Chile / UK)
Maggi Payne Arctic Winds (SF Bay Area)
Goran Vejvoda Pre-fader: Highly reverberant states (France)

Sunday, February 1, 2009 8pm
Edgard Varèse Poème Électronique (1958)
Iannis Xenakis Concret PH (1958)
Olivier Messiaen Timbres-Durées (1952)
Matt Ingalls [new commission] (SF Bay Area)
Jon Nelson objet sonore/objet cinétique (Texas)
Moe! Staiano Tape Piece No.2: Extraordinary Path of Being (SF Bay Area)
Lisa Whistlecroft Walking with Ghosts (UK)

Cost: $7* ($7 if you are underemployed, $12 otherwise)
Venue: CellSpace
Address: 2050 Bryant St. (btwn 18th and 19th), San Francisco, CA

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