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On February 9th, 1976, Tangerine Dream played at the Auditorium Paul-Emile Janson in Brussels (Belgium). It was a fantastic show, one of the best live performances of the classic Tangerine Dream trio of Baumann, Franke and Froese.

Fortunately, someone in the audience recorded the show.

This 1st generation tape was re-mastered by 3N and a splendid artwork was created by Giuseppe Milazzo. This concert is volume 27 of the Tangerine Tree Project, gathering almost all the live performances of the band.

It should be noticed that Tangerine Dream gave its agreement to this project, as far as it was a non-profit venture, produced by fans to fans. The music is “a perfect mix of sequencers, mellotrons, guitar”. One should add that it was one of the most creative period of Tangerine Dream and that their live performances were unique events where improvisation played a very important part. This Brussels concert was exceptional by the interplay between the three musicians: some parts remind Ricochet or Encore, two official live recordings.

link: mp3 : 2 parts
password: olduvai

Note that these are password-protected zips. 

If you’re using a Mac, I’d suggest a free unzipper called Zipeg, which you can download from Apple’s site:

4 thoughts on “Free Live Tangerine Dream Album

  1. I’m tired with all these Tangerine Dream albums…they must have over 100 LPs! almost 3 albums every year, and half of them are live improvisations etc..We must spend a life only to listen to their records…and i don’t think that most of them have good tracks inside (i’ve heard almost 10 albums). Its good to be creative but they overdone it!

  2. Alex – Tangerine Dream is prolific to the point that you don’t know where to start or what’s worth getting. I’m a fan of their Baumann, Franke, Froese period, though, and you can’t beat the price on this.

  3. Many Thanks for this, I had problems with Firefox even getting onto the rapid share site, but strangly enough I had no problem after running the browser sandboxed.
    Unzipped with winrar using supplied password no problems. I was at the TD gig at the Albert Hall in `75 mindblowing and I will enjoy this….Thanks again

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