Matthew Davidson (Stretta) On The Future Of Synthesis

Matthew Davidson (Stretta) is a blogger and electronic musician that is very active in music new media, posting frequent blog articles and software and gear videos online. He’s also shared a great collection of electronic and ambient music albums at his site.

Trash_Audio has published an interesting interview with Davidson that looks at his studio, his work and his thoughts on the future of synthesis:

There are few reasons for hardware outside of controllers anymore. All new advances in synthesis and sound processing will occur in software.

That said, I haven’t found anything in software that can replicate the experience of working with a hardware modular. I enjoy working with my hands and I find using a modular is, well… fun. The modular keeps me honest; software instruments are outstanding, but it gets to a point where I feel like the result is more of a showcase of a talented sound designer than a unique musical statement that I created.

Software instruments, in an effort to out-sell the competition, are becoming very rich and layered, providing instant music at the touch of a single key. I feel complex sounds such as this, ‘crowd out’ personal musical expression. A simpler sound, powered by human performance and expression will stand the test of time.

I like software and I see useful and innovative ideas from all corners of the industry. I don’t hold a religious attachment to my chosen platform because if you look past the latest wizz-bang-feature-leap-frog game, you’ll understand that, at its core, every offering is an extraordinarily powerful tool. It wasn’t that long ago I was delighted with a cassette four-track. What we have access to today is staggering.

It’s interesting stuff; check out the full interview here.

Davidson’s got a sweet collection of gear. Can anyone pick out the main synths from the photo?

5 thoughts on “Matthew Davidson (Stretta) On The Future Of Synthesis

  1. instruments he has there…but…where are the speakers? 😀 Why many “studios” with lots of synths (especially modular) don’t have speakers? I’ve seen many like this…do they have headphones from 22nd century?

  2. @Stretta: I understand your reasons, but it doesn’t worth to have high end equipment like yours without a proper set of monitors. Anyway, what headphones do you use? Do you know products like “SPL Phonitor” or the cheaper “112db Redline Monitor” ? They might help you with your setup…

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