MIDIbox SEQ V4 Teaser

Demonstration of an early alpha version of the upcoming MIDIbox SEQ V4.

Many planned features are not available yet. However, most functions of MBSEQ V3 have already been re-implemented in C for the new MBHP_CORE_STM32 module and for an accurate PC/Mac based emulation. I also started to add new functions which were too complex for the old PIC based core.

Here are the video details:

[0:00] new frontpanel designed by Wilba (but the firmware will also support the frontpanel of MBSEQ V2 and V3)
[0:02] a drum track can play up to 16 instruments
[0:10] patterns are stored on a SD card now, and can be loaded (and stored) w/o sequencer hickups
[0:18] zoomed step view (shows 64, 128, 256 steps on a single page)
[0:10] snare is triggered with the overworked (more flexible) roll function at 384ppqn resolution
[0:20] new pattern selection page with pattern labels and categories
[0:23] MIDIbox SID V2 in bassline mode
[0:30] Roll function used on the bassline
[0:38] a loopback track controls the transposer, it doesn’t matter anymore at which position this track is located
[0:53] Piano controlled from a track in chord mode
[1:13] some randomly selected chords
[1:24] simple synth line
[1:45] now with MIDI echo in Force-to-Scale mode (synth is in mono mode, therefore only one sound will be played – it sounds like an arpeggio)
[2:14] a second MIDIbox SID bassline is played
[2:43] slowly muting the tracks
[3:00] thanks for listening! 🙂

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