Nucleus SoundLab Pantheon For Propellerhead Reason Thor Synthesizer


Nucleus SoundLab has introduced Pantheon, a Thor Refill for Propellerhead Reason 4.

You can preview Pantheon with the official demo video, above. Pantheon is priced at $49 USD in downloadable format. 


  • 164 unique Combinators.
  • 235 Thor patches.
  • 28 Subtractor and Malstrom patches
  • 9 .rps demo songs.
  • All Combinator and Thor rotaries/buttons uniquely mapped.
  • Detailed design documentation for each patch.
If you’ve used Nucleus SoundLab Pantheon, leave a comment with your thoughts!


Each one of the 164 Combinators inside Pantheon is unique, with a widely varied signal path. Further, all Combinator rotaries and buttons are assigned to unique destinations. And finally, each Thor patch *inside* each Combinator has its rotaries and buttons fully mapped! All Thor patches are even saved separately so you can more easily build them into your own Combinators. 

Each Combinator patch is fully documented, with detailed notes on its design as well as performance suggestions. 

Some of the patches you’ll find inside Pantheon range from physically-modelled drumkits; dirty filter FM basses; majestic pads; heavily sequenced chord patterns; pristine belltone layers; futuristic lead arpeggios and more.

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