Yamaha Synthesizer Mates With A 486 Motherboard

Yamaha Synth Cross Bent With a 486 computer motherboard


What do you get when you mate a Yamaha synthesizer with a 486 motherboard?

It’s not pretty!

Says circuit bender creepingnet:

(WARNING): This video too is not for mainstream consumption, actually, this video has lots of..ummm…interesting sounds, a few volume tweaks, and general mayhem. So if you are looking for a good song to dance to, this ain’t it.

Now, I circuit bent my Yamaha PSS-80 with 3 wires attached to some blue thing on the circut board, and to the ground. In this one, I’m shorting the wires out against parts of an IBM 486 SLC motherboard that’s pretty much long gone as working goes. It’s kind of odd that it makes THAT much of a difference between just doing the usual bends, and shorting out through a motherboard chipset, and even the 486 SLC Processor itself.

Somebody should have used protection!

Let me know what you think of this Yamaha synth/486 cross-bending in the comments!

via creepingnet

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