Cigarduino Cigar Box Synthesizer

Like to see creative DIY synths?

I do! Especially when none of Synthtopia’s readers apparently can take advantage of the Moog sale I posted about yesterday!

2009 may be the year of awesome gear being introduced that nobody can afford to buy.

So check out this funky cigar box synthesizer:

first trial of the cigaruino punk console – based on the arduino punk console by Beavis Audio, but housed in this gorgeous Cuban cigar box.

Controls as follows:

  • top row: pitch duration portamento tempo
  • mid row: not assigned
  • bottom row: left black button not/assigned
  • red momentary buttons – sequencer slots
  • right black button: on/off
  • very bottom: softpot not assigned

Is the economy changing your gear plans? If so, will that change your music?

One thought on “Cigarduino Cigar Box Synthesizer

  1. I think you’re bang on about no one being able to afford the new sexy gear coming out. I for one have already passed on the new microkorg XL and that new sexy hardware beat interface from NI. Let’s hope the money nerds whip things back into shape so we can afford to piss away money for the good of the groove!

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