VisualVox Polyphonic Audio Editor

VisualVox is a new MAC VST app that is designed to let you edit polyphonic audio.

Possible applications:

  • Change chords or single wrong notes in polyphonic recordings
    • To fit pieces into your composition that otherwise would not have been accessible due to their key
    • To creatively play around with recorded audio like with a midi instrument – it will play your musical ideas by a click but it still sounds like the real instrument
  • Isolate the natural harmonics of instruments, manipulate them, take your instruments under the magnifying glasses to understand their sound
  • Create real sounding harmonizations, i.e. make chords out of monophonic parts of audio
  • Correct intonation problems of any instrument or voice while keeping the formants as they ar
  • Create artificial vibrato, stretch the formants, rearrange melodies, draw frequency curves with your mouse to access monophonic and polyphonic audio in a way it has never been possible beforeAt t

This looks like it will be a direct competitor to Melodyne’s recently announced DNA technology.

According to developer Jonathan Schmid-Burgk, the software still has a few bugs and can create very big temporary files. At this point, he’s selling it for 25 Euros, though. Since it’s being developed indie-style and it’s still under development, you probably can’t expect this to have the stability of your typical commercial app.

If you give this a try, leave a comment and let us know what you think!

via Rekkerd, CDM

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