Meet The People That Made Microsoft Songsmith

We recently posted 7 Reasons To Hate Microsoft Songsmith, because we, along with many others, found the results of Microsoft’s new music creation app to be pretty spectacularly awful. Songsmith songs are so bad that they have become almost revered for their badness.

This video, via SonicState, though, shows you another side of the story.

It lets you meet some of the people behind Microsoft’s Songsmith music creation software, Dan and Sumit, and learn about the ideas behind the software. The video is fascinating, because it makes you realize that, there’s an amazing amount of science, statistics and music theory behind Songsmith.

Do you think it’s time to reconsider Songsmith? Could version 2 actually be something pretty amazing?

4 thoughts on “Meet The People That Made Microsoft Songsmith

  1. Wait… isn’t that Dan guy the same one who played the father in the (extremely crappy) commercial?

    Presented as a research/technical project, it sounds really cool and interesting. It’s the reality that doesn’t quite scream “fun”. It might have helped if Sumit could sing that first line in tune. But he sums up the marketing and target market pretty well: “for the person doing this the first time, it’s magic”

    Corollary, for the person who actually creates music themselves, it’s … whatever the opposite of “magic” is. (evil poo?)

    I wish life had a “happy” slider…

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