Vangelis Synth Sounds

Vangelis Synth Sounds


This video captures an improv with Vangelis – style synth sounds:

It was supposed to be a cover of soil festivities , been working on the microkorg to get roland vp-330 string sound from it. Just decided to do a bit of live playing based on the opening track instead. Apologies for the mistakes and bum notes , it wasn’t rehearsed

Cs80 brass sounds : ESQ 1VP330 strings : Microkorg Twinkling bells : Juno 106 percussion: juno g and korg x5bass and Pulse wave sound: juno 6 sequenced flute : juno g

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22 thoughts on “Vangelis Synth Sounds

  1. Well, I think that you FAILed comparing this improv with Oldfield stuff. Also on reading the video description:

    “an improv with Vangelis – style synth sounds”

    I can hear the “Vangelis – style” sounds. Oldfield? c’mon…

  2. Talos, I never compare myself to vangelis. Who would?!! …..this video and other videos I do are for my love of his music and unique sound. My synth studio is small and uses affordable equipment in order to show others like myself it is possible to get vangelis like sound without spending a fortune. you are entitled to an opinion but you should at least read the video details first

  3. Thanks for the feedback, Mick.

    This is fun as a synth jam, but also interesting from the standpoint of creating a palette of synth sounds that bring to mind not only Vangelis, but a whole style of symphonic electronica.

  4. Thankyou synthhead , yes it is just a bit of fun at the end of the day, some people just take it too seriously! In fact i was pretty drunk when I made the video, maybe I should get drunk more often lol! Thanks for the kind words from MKlain and Fred welsh too. This is a superb site, I should drop in more often.

  5. “This video captures an improv with Vangelis – style style synth sounds”

    You made the comparison not me. I wasn’t saying it’s bad, its far from bad.

    To me Vangelis has a very specific improv style, very melancholic and thoughtful which this isn’t, and his sounds all fit together in layers like an orchestra.

  6. I did not write that title, whoever posted the video here did.But that isn’t the point. I agree that vangelis a specific style, there is no-one on the planet who comes close. However I did this in one take with no rehearsal, so when the video was posted here, someone introduced it as an improv with vangelis-style sounds…..I don’t think you understand that it means “sounds” as in synth sounds , not composition. I have listened to Vangelis since I was 15, i’m now 39, I’m well aware of how he composes….. It’s just a mystery:)

  7. Talos –

    I made the comparison to Vangelis’ synth sounds, and if you’re familiar with his late 80’s, early 90’s work you’ll probably hear the resemblance.

    There’s a big difference between using a similar sound palette, though, and sounding like Vangelis. And Vangelis improv style on Dragon sounds different than on Beaubourg, which sounds different than on Blade Runner Blues!

    Mick – thanks for the feedback. And do stop back by often, there’s always some healthy discussion going on about synths and electronic music!

  8. Thanks synthhead , will do. wasn’t trying to make a big issue of it, it’s just that Vangelis music is a very personal thing for everyone who likes and listens to it. You described very well his diversity in different improv/ compositions, and when talos implied that I “compare myself to Vangelis” …….enough said!
    Thanks for posting the video by the way,


  9. @synthhead: One of the nastiest tricks an electronic connoisseur can do is to play “Hymne” for someone who fancies romantic, heartfelt melodies… then put on Beaubourg! :O

    Scarce-but-I-appreciate: symphonic electronica mixed with glitchy edits. It’s harder than I’d hope to find hummable tunes esoteric production.

  10. I actually like Beaubourg and another weird one – Invisible Connections.

    But probably not for the casual fan of Hymne and Chariots of Fire!

  11. Most excellent, well done!!! I really enjoyed this. You know, it’s very easy to complain and criticize, it’s the easiest thing to do. The credit belong belong to the one in the arena, the one sweating and trying to accomplish something. I’ve been listening to Vangelis for as long as you have and this was really, really enjoyable… thanks for sharing with all of us. Be well.

  12. I think this is pretty good. I think ‘Soil Festivities’ was the third cassette tape I ever bought… well over twenty years ago and I’ve always loved it. As cover versions go, I think this is pretty impressive!
    I remember being in a train travelling through Spain a few years later and this bunch of local kids – girls as well as guys – were playing Vangelis on a ghetto blaster: I’d never heard his music in public before… wow! I’ve loved continental europe and its pop culture ever since 🙂

  13. Stumbled on this video and love it! Am I mistaken, or did you state the strings are from the ESQ-1 (as in the old Ensoniq synth)? If so, I'd LOVE to get the patch for it! I'll even pay for the info.

  14. This was very solid performance and very inspiring too.

    Also very nice choice of samples and very well interpreted.

    Good on you Mick.

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