Deadmau5 iPhone App

Future Audio Workshop has introduced a new iPhone app, deadmau5 Touch Mix (App Store link).

It’s a deadmau5 “branded” music mixing application that features some exclusive deadmau5 tracks. The software lets you create customized  versions of the deadmau5 songs.

Do you think this could grow into a new option for dance music distribution?


Mix exclusive Deadmau5 music live on your iPhone or iPod Touch.


  • Comes with 10 exclusive Deadmau5 tracks.
  • Create your own unique remixes
  • Remix by applying delays, effects, rewinds, cuts..
  • Unique Scratch Pad lets you touch the music.
  • Connect to your sound system and perform live!
  • Simple, easy to use interface.
  • Designed for creativity.

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27 thoughts on “Deadmau5 iPhone App

  1. I couldn’t agree more. The most overhyped dj/producer ever.
    I do like some of his tracks such as “Faxing Berlin” and “Sex, Lies, Audiotape” but to be honest,most of the tracks sound the same.

  2. OK – you hate Deadmau5 – but a bigger question is the role apps like this will play in the future of music, don’t you think?

  3. I believe that this kind of mobile applications will play the same role that e-jay applications played, before a decade. Music toys for starters. People with powerful mobile phones, who haven’t got anything else to kill their time except using their phones for every possible job…Some of them will have an impact on chiptune scene etc.. I-phones are not a serious music tool IMO. Its all about fun…also with some more money, i prefer to buy a little laptop which won’t die after 2-3 years because of abuse and battery service/replacement costs and can always be connected with a serious external audio interface and not just a medium quality ipod chip…

  4. I don’t think this is meant to be a “professional tool” for DJs. The interesting part is the distribution model for artists. Apps like these could be the new singles/EPs/LPs.

  5. @Ted: I still prefer a “traditional” cd or an official online download…plus, i don’t think that everyone has (or wants) an iphone or similar device, so apps (and marketing strategies) like these, will be only for a few people until iphone or other similar devices will be a standard for mobile phones etc…except all this, we must find some true artists first…not another “dance beat loop” guy with boring dance patterns for the clubs…

  6. While I don’t think Deadmau5’s music is fantastic — they’re mostly catchy tunes with much more room to shine — he and whoever has helped him with marketing have definitely done some clever things. Obvious moves that most miss out on. That iconic mouse head helmet helps him standout in a sea of anonymous bedroom producers. Expanding into areas like this will also boost his popularity, it looks like a neat promo item and a bridge into showing how easy the basic elements of production are.

  7. wow. who gives a fuck about what the self proclaimed critics think about his music… that’s all subjective. what you cant help but admire is the genius of this kid and his endeavors. I really think delivering music in forms like innovative and fun toys / apps is truly a forward way of thinking in terms of distributing music.

    power to the mau5.

  8. Deadmau5 creats his own synth and music.. compared to so many rnb and rap singers who just copy some loops and sings on it or even takes the whole instrument version of a song n just raps on it n get so much money and fame out of it.. deadmau5 is really modest and does gr8 music.. ppl who say that he sucks truly doesn't know anything about music production and the effort made by artists sometimes..

  9. Why hate Deadmau5? just because he's coming out with club hits every month doesn't mean all u haters have to have your period. He's like the new Daft Punk, his songs are easy to recognize because they're uniquely awesome. And he's the most consistent by the way. No disrespect to Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren but they only come out with one good song like a year.

  10. Mr. Maus here is a hater himself. He thinks DJs are all c*nts: his main customers. Don’t buy his apology either was lame attempt at damage control. The guy is a douchebag.

  11. The guy is obviously brilliant; I can understand those who insist his music just isn’t for them, however if u are at all into edm you’ve got to hand it to him, his talent and business acumen. I don’t dig all his music but he’s a true artist even if he does come across as pretentious and douchey sometimes; so prolific check out some of his YouTube interviews to get a better sense, it’s so easy to perpetuate ignorant hate on the interwebs, opinions should be respected but positivty is becoming all too uncommon.

  12. You are all very odd….it is very common knowledge that the most in demand dj on the planet is Raja Ram, google it…this cat isnt even in the top 20….and I have never even heard him. I have been in the business for 5 years, and have produced 36 cds under my belt, all written and performed by me. I am Brainstrain.

  13. why can't anyone on this blog spell and only say f*ck, sh*t and that deadmau5 owns pretty much? lol
    Though I do agree, he is prettyy damn awsome, recordings and live..
    About some people saying he is'nt known, he is growing rapidly, in the next year he is proble going to be one of the top dj's if you don't consider him one arleady. I mean he robbed alot of artists of headlining Americas largest dance festival, Electric Daisy Carnival, and is playing almost nightly… and not at "clubs" as previous posters have said, hes been on his own world tour.. headlining everydate. Especially with his witty promotion crew and stage performance, he has it pretty much locked in to be one of the top names in electronic music.

  14. As for being repeditive or "all tracks sounding the same" if you honestly had listened to any of the cd's, every song is its own, you are just confused by the sound of DEADMAU5, of course all his songs sound like him, becuase he has created his own sound.. It doesnt make the songs the same.

    as for brainstrain. lol maybe you are just flat outta the loop?
    and I mean for creating 36 albums, the internet doesnt even know who you are? I mean, thats got something to say… so wait, can you please tell me who you are agian?

  15. Google me idiot. Look for me on iTunes, Amazon, Verizon, CdBaby, last FM, My website, 7 Digital,…I can keep going…I'm signed to 2 labels in 2 continents, and have more referrals and awards than you have pubes. "LoL"…who says that still? You like 12 years old??
    I own every single Cd that has ever been put out by him, ones you commoners do not even know exist. So…IcK, shove it and bugger off you knob…it is you that seems to be "Out of the loop"
    He is my friend…can you say that…yes, I can pick up my phone and call him now. Along with hundreds of people that would not even take the time to consider you a being of reality.
    If you seem to know so damn much…plz enlighten me…where is your Gravitar?? Afraid to be public? I would be to if I was as pathetic as you…IcK.

  16. i love deadmau5 too but if you ever meet him you better as hell not call him a dj, which you just did, or else he'll probably punch you in the face. but yeah, he's pretty good, love the soft synths he uses ie the minimoog

  17. If you're famous, don't you have better things to be doing than to be talking shit to 'nobodies' on a iphone DJ app review comment wall?

    Cool app


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