4 thoughts on “Digitize Me – Documentary Looks At Analog vs Digital Music

  1. I love how the recored guy is like “records sound fuller and better” dose he realize that alot of the music he listens to is recoded digitally, then converted to analog and put on records. lol. i look at it like this if they lasted this long im sure the’ll be around for alot longer but the digital music world is by far more realistic. records are more of a hobby.

  2. Chris – I’m skeptical about some of the claims of vinyl audiophiles – but there is definitely a quality about a good vintage analog pressing.

  3. There are many reasons why you might want to go digital in your DJ sets but because you don’t want to “lug crates of records into a club” should not be one of them. Live a little for your art, buddy. And using technology out of laziness is hardly cutting edge.

  4. the “quality” is the compression that can be made only in digital mediums, take this: with 96kHz you can do a lot of noises that you can’t make in a vinyl record (the needle jumping around, not fun) and that is cutted in a tape (has a limited BW, but is not that sharp edge limit), these “noises” are the fuck’d up things with (wave) dinamic compression, and audiophiles hate it.

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