Free Bundle Of Software For Logic Pro Users

AppKats has released the Free Bundle, a collection of 8 free environment modules for Logic Pro that let you control internal and external instruments and plug-ins.

The bundle includes:

  • Transformation Universal, an advanced universal midi controller;
  • Filter, a midi filter;
  • Thru, a midi thru;
  • Random on Note on & off, a randomizer triggered by a note on and note off message;
  • Notes Fixer, fix your lo and hi note values;
  • AutoMove, automatically move faders (time based);
  • Step Increase or Decrease, increase or decrease midi messages; and
  • Randomize 8 times, a randomizer for sound creation.

System Requirements: Any system with a working Logic Pro 8 or higher installed.

If you’ve used AppKats’ Free Bundle, leave a comment and let us know what you think!

2 thoughts on “Free Bundle Of Software For Logic Pro Users

  1. there is no reason why it shouldn’t. Logic Express is just logic with out all the Jam Packs and other content.

    I’m going to give this thing a shot when I get home tonight. Saves me making a Midi Router DIY. 🙂

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