This Massive Vintage Keyboard Collection Will Make You Drool

A Tour of Andy Whitmore’s London Studio


This video captures a tour of Andy Whitmore‘s Greystoke Studios, which claims to have “the largest working vintage keyboard/synth collection in Europe”.

Whitmore is a record producer with 14 UK top ten hits so far, with artists such as Lemar and Atomic Kitten.

Are you drooling yet?

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14 thoughts on “This Massive Vintage Keyboard Collection Will Make You Drool

  1. “the largest working vintage keyboard/synth collection in Europe” – really?

    I checked the studio kit list and it isn’t impressive compared to several studios and 2 Synth Museums I patronise. Also many major Synths are missing from the list. I see no Jupiter 8, Juno or even TB303, no Korg PolySix, Mono/Poly and so on. Nevermind something like a Roland System 700/100 or something rarer.

  2. Could have done without the abusing of the prophet he did. HE stated he was one of the top players- just show it, don’t say it. Gee and thanks for the minimoog demo I could have seen 20 years ago.

  3. Drool? No. Snore? Absolutely! What a dreary little room to do music in.
    Maybe he should call his studio “Plywood Hell”.
    First of all, these replies are correct- This is not impressive. I may be jaded because I live in a giant city FULL of studios, but I am not impressed. Besides this collection being such a letdown, the layout and decor sucks. This man obviously has no imagination or it wouldn’t look like a musty old barrack. Hell, put up some foam, tapestry, posters, anything to inspire the creative juices. No one is impressed with this room except him. Wanna see an impressive collection? Moby has a room in his loft where each synth glides out on it’s own drawer. Very cool, very clean. Vince Clarke (Erasure) used to keep his massive collection of analog gear inside a large copper dome room (he may still do, I don’t keep up on Erasure.) Besides, the largest collection of gear does you no good if your songwriting sucks.

  4. hmmm… i have to agree with the posts previous to mine and starting the video with the sounds of a lame top 40 tailored tune whilst nodding ones head in a rather over enthusiastic way is not the way to go imo! it takes a couple of years to learn how to move the frequency cut off in time to your playing? really? guy comes across as a bit of a bighead really. have seen many studios with far larger collections than that (and better displayed). probably the most uninspiring room to make music in i have ever seen. reminds me of my college studio!!

  5. well. he has more synths than I do. that’s something for me to drool about.

    Kind of glad i can’t see youtube from work though, after the comments above.

  6. I was not so impressed.
    To be honest, I got bored when he started going on about how great the minimoog is.
    OK yes, I get it. Great machine. I know. Bob Moog is a god.
    Why do people go on about it like THEY discovered it?
    I could care less.
    I care even more less after listing to the complete SHIT he produces in that dank pit of pop music hell.
    he must sleep on a big pile of money tho.

  7. Hey leave the guy alone, he has clearly worked hard to get this equipment and this studio, I think he has the right to form opinions about his equipment, and so what if he’s a little misinformed on some things? Who cares!!!

    My hypothesis= If you stop slagging him off, you start feeling jealous of what he has, so you just go on and on.

    No one likes a moaner, let alone ten of them.

  8. I don’t know man. This guy is pure cheese, and I think he should get rid of the analog synths he does have and just jam out on his D50 cuz that thing is the most appropriate piece of kit he has for the type of tunes he seems to want to make.

  9. Apart from this guy thinking he is a synth god, all i see is a dreary colocation of dusty synths that to be honest, a ton of people have more… Best collection in europe (my arse) and as for the best keyboard player… Hmm.. keep taking the happy pills !

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