The Underground Sound Of 1988 May Make Your Ears Bleed

Hithouse – Jack To The Sound Of The Underground (1988)

Check this out – this old-school track may make your ears bleed – while you bob your head.

via DeeJayPT:

This video clip is for a classic oldskool acid house track, Jack to the Sound of the Underground, from 1988.

The producer of this song, Peter Slaghuis (that’s why “hithouse”), was a very well-known DJ/producer in the era 1985-1991. In the early ’90’s he had his own record company “Hithouse Records” on which came out early Dutch hardcore releases. Himself was involved in such groups like “Holy Noise” and “Epilepsia”.

He worked together with persons like Paul Elstak and Rob Fabrie, who both became popular (happy) hardcore producers in the ’90’s.

Sadly enough, Peter Slaghuis would have never seen their success and the success of the genre hardcore because he passed away in a car accident in sept. 1991, just before “his” genre became more & more popular.

Thanks to Matrix for digging this one up!

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