Metasonix R-52 Multimode Filter Eurorack Module

Metasonix R-52 Multimode Filter Eurorack Module

via bigcitymusic:

Ok nerds. Here’s the ultra-dork demonstration of the new R-52 module from Metasonix.

We start with a square wave oscillator, the Analogue Systems rs95. The R-52 sounds great. It’s the same filter as the discontinued Metasonix TM-6.

You can see when the first cable gets plugged in. That’s when we start modulating the “Sweep CV In” with the A.S. rs200 sequencer. The second cable is another channel of the sequencer modulating the “Resonance CV Input”. Don’t ask about dB response. Just bask in the crusty warmth that is the R-52.

Update: I just talked to Eric. This is the prototype of the R-52. The actual production models will be revised and will self-resonate. Cool.

Looks like interesting and unpredictable addition to a Eurorack modular synthesizer.

If you’ve had a chance to try this out, leave a comment!

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