1985 Voice Synthesizer Demo

This is a demo of a 1985 digital sound voice synthesizer.

via VironCybernet

In 1985 I wrote this in BASIC and a few bytes of ASM for 4 different brands of computer and if I was known for doing anything in high school, this was it, the only thing mentioned about me in my yearbook. I would also leave these disks at computer stores and computer club.

Although it is now known that the synthesizer is (capable of) higher quality than MP3, my means of programming sounds into it in the 1980’s never had a reasonable explanation for why it worked at all, (and I now know that it simply didn’t!,) and in the 1990’s other unique methods were tried while this one was considered to be the worst kind of digital sound ever invented. The disk “apparently” has male female and robotic TTS voices, 2 songs, and a few talking games on it. But it seems to have been proved an accidental illusion.

An analysis of my sound track does not indicate characteristics consistent and typical of the sounds intended to be heard.

Definitely something to be remembered for…..I guess..

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