Roland Prelude Music Keyboard

PRELUDE Music Keyboard at NAMM 09

At the 2009 NAMM Show, Roland announced its Prelude home music keyboard, which features a range of sounds lifted from Roland’s other sound modules, plus a range of software and decent amplification.

The velocity-sensitive 61-note keyboard offers 128 notes of polyphony 896 presets plus 256 GM2-compatibles and 41 rhythm sets.

Other features include 78 multi-effect types plus a range of reverb and chorus effects, the ability to load up and play a backing track encoded as MP3, WAV or AIFF, USB memory playback, 11W stereo amplification and speakers, D BEAM and pitch bend/modulation controllers, sustain and control pedal inputs, MIDI and USB MIDI.

The Prelude also comes with playlist editor and style converter software on CD.

If you’ve used the Roland Prelude keyboard, leave a comment with your thoughts!

via RolandChannel

4 thoughts on “Roland Prelude Music Keyboard

  1. Hi! I own Prelude arranger.Two important features are missing, Write tone and play styles directly from USB stick. Hope these features are coming in version 3. Regards. Pertti

  2. I owned Roland Prelude and found effects are so nice near about to feel the real instruments, but I found one problem that it is not having tone bank to store different tones in its given numeric buttons. If possible kindly improve this facility to make it more better.

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