Roland VB-99 V-Bass System

VB-99 V-Bass System at NAMM 09

At the 2009 NAMM Show, Roland introduced its new VB-99 V-Bass System, an advanced bass guitar processor, MIDI Controller and bass synthesizer.

The VB-99 delivers three times the sonic firepower of the original V-Bass model. It also features twice the number of patches, and serves up a huge range of electric and acoustic bass models, new synth sounds and even guitar sounds.

The VB-99 also has a wealth of amp models and effects which can be manipulated in an expressive performance using the D BEAM Controller and Ribbon Controller. And with the VB-99’s built-in Bass to MIDI converter and USB audio and MIDI streaming capability, bassists can now trigger sounds via MIDI or record directly into a DAW.

The VB-99 sports dual independent signal paths. The two paths can be assigned to two distinct sounds and can be mixed and layered as desired. Sounds can be blended with a single knob, and even split or switched via playing dynamics.

Dedicated knobs and buttons for all major functions make tweaking amp models and adjusting global settings fast. 

The VB-99 also includes a new BASS DIRECT feature, enabling players to blend their original signal with the onboard sounds as desired. Players can also record audio from the VB-99 into any DAW via USB audio. Roland’s V-Bass editing software, available for free download, lets you edit and save VB-99 sounds right from your computer.

The VB-99 is now available in stores and carries an MSRP of $1,549.00.

If you’ve used the Roland VB-99 V-Bass System, leave a comment with your thought below!

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  1. Ive used the VB 99 in multiable shows and various acts. From jazz tro to full hard rock the VB has a place. Love to track rock guitar parts through another amp. I have gone back to a four string because I use the VB for most of my real low stuff.
    I’m looking for people that want to share patch ideas.

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