Mechanical Piano Pieces On Tenori On

Mechanical piano pieces on TENORI-ON

This video captures a practice performance of a digital adaptation of the “mechanical piano” (also known as “pianola” and “player piano”) ways of playing, as imagined by Conlon Nancarrow in his “Studies for player piano” (and George Antheil in “Le ballet mécanique”), using two TENORI-ON(s) and various filters.

These rehearsals are part of a series of solo pieces inspired by Nancarrow’s works and John Cage’s experiments for prepared piano.

Material in this video:- 2 TENORI-ON(s)- MI Audio Pollyanna Octave Synth- Moog Low Pass Filter (MF-101)- Moog Ring Modulator (MF-102)- Jomox M-Resonator- POG Polyphonic Octave Generator (Electro Harmonix)- Space Echo (Boss RE-20) *only reverb used here- Boss FV-500L (as expression pedal for LPF Resonance)- Boss FV-500L (as expression pedal for RM Frequency)- Boss EV-5 for Space Echo volume *not used here

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