Death To Sexy – Teacher’s Pet

Death to Sexy (Kevin Legere, Kelcy Clark and Scott Macpherson) perform “Punk-infused Electro”, mixing electronic beats with distorted provocative vocals.

According to Death To Sexy – Teacher’s Pet is “a music video about finding freedom of artistic expression with in a system of conformity.”

Death To Sexy
Carolyn Chamberlayne
Bethany Le Carre
Smaragda Aganders
Marlise Chan
Brittney Forslund
RJ Latorre
Michelle McManus
Jacqueline Squire
Kimi Ueda
Ross Wirtanen

Directed by Jeremy Lutter
Produced by Talitha Cummins
Choreography by Roberta Bierman of
Costume Designer – Veronica Hull of
Body Paint Art by Sandra Rees and Hilary Dawson
Director of Photography – Daniel Hogg
Makeup Artist – Erin Froese
Makeup Assistant -Tricia Neron
Hair Stylist – Hayden Stern & Stacey Goldade
Gaffer – Jesse Cattle
Best Boy Electric: Dave Wilson
1st AD – Eric Miguel
Creative Consultant – Chris Ruffell

5 thoughts on “Death To Sexy – Teacher’s Pet

  1. ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………………
    Dull and plain. I’m sorry folks, the concept is tired and cliche, the lyrics are stale and the vocals are annoying. This vid was not worth it’s budget.
    I realize that DTS are ‘newbies’ and this may have been their first attempt at a video, but one thing artists must realize is that in this day & age of media over-saturation there is a risk of re-treading paths already taken in the past. The overall style reeks of the Pink Floyd vid (“Another Brick In The Wall”) and the 1,000 mimics that it spawned. Regarding the body make-up, that was just sad. You could’ve used liquid latex for a better (and also inexpensive) effect.
    Another criticism I have is the girls in this vid- lacking a lot of sex appeal considering that “sexy” is in the band’s moniker. Nothing personal towards the band, and when the Dead Panda video shows up on here in a few weeks they will have to opportunity to lambaste (or Love) it. Peace.

  2. I thought the video had interesting visuals and was nothing like Pink Floyd’s video. it’s like comparing apples to oranges. It’s all and good to make negative comments about something. Sounds like someone is jealous. It this age of open communication… it makes sound like like a total self serving person to put down what someone else is doing.

  3. I thought the video had interesting visuals. and was nothing like that pink floyd’s video. it’s all and good to put down what someone else is doing… but in the end makes you look like self serving person.

    school girls dancing .. plain and dull. just like watching paint dry I suppose.

    I hope it makes you feel about yourself to put someone else down.

  4. Must make a correction, my sister is Bethany and her last name as listed above is spelt incorrectly, it's not Le Carre, it's Le Corre, with an o not an a.

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