Free Breakcore Compilation

Free Music Friday: Here’s a free music compilation that will clean out your skull:

Subvert Punx 4 Way Split is an unrelenting aural assault:

4 punx from all over the world (Distonn/Russia vs. Clip/Belarus vs. Midi Fister/USA vs. Disbreakz/Croatia) decided to make a record/split featuring their vision of subversive breaks.

To spice things up, the record cover was drawn by Simon Gane, which makes this record 100% underground.

Subvert glitchy IDM jungle breakz meet punk diy vibe. This is breakcore.

Preview below. Free download here.

via Gutterbreakz

4 thoughts on “Free Breakcore Compilation

  1. it’s weird but I have a lot of love for breakcore, speedcore and extra tone. it’s the 14 year old brat that lives in the back of my head i guess.

    If only because speedcore makes people so mad. its very silly and very much anti music. but i like that.

    i am still not 100% sure I have ever really listened to a TRUE extratone song.
    15,000bpm anyone?

  2. no point to 15,000bpm, would sound like a buzz or hum unless you made a REALLY long track. breakcore and idm arent so much for teens, though it does often have teen angst all over it 😛
    speedcore, gabber, happy hardcore… that makes sense to be some 13 year old ready to shoot up the school. i know i was 😀

  3. hey man this is a good basic you got all you need to do is master it now use lots of equalizing imo if you dont like the noise that much, wich i do im more of a jungle clean man ^^. and SLICE IT UP FFS! use ableton live or another sequencer and copy paste 1/16 notes or 1/32 in youre rendered loops, not midi! that sounds so worse imo. (like this: KICK KICK KICK, SNARE SNARE HALF SNARE, HAT HAT, HALF HAT HALF HAT HAT HAT, and repeat it with other ritmes) you have to hear it out for yourself.

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