13 thoughts on “Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Keyboard

  1. I’m 99,9% sure it’s created with Photoshop. I would’t buy it because DS has much better synths available such as Poly Evolver and Prophet ’08. Mopho still sound nice and I’d love to try one. Loving the Dave’s fat warm analog sound!

  2. Doesn’t make any sense. If you were to take a mopho and slap a keyboard on it without adding additional physical UI like the MEK, then why would you bother redesigning the board to space out the controls like that? Just take the existing mopho board and poke it through the keyboard case.

    If DSI were to release a mopho keyboard, it would have additional physical UI like the MEK versus the desktop evolver. That would merit redesigning the board. This is just silly.

  3. It’s obviously a photoshop – you can see identical control wheels, wood cheeks, the two lines of knobs are identical,the shadows are in different positions on some of the others, etc.

    Would I buy one? I doubt it, but only for the same reasons that I wouldn’t buy any other DSI instruments: the control knobs. I’ve tried 3 different Prophets in shops, and all suffer from knobs that seem to turn with little relationship to the values that they’re controlling on screen. I even managed to make them go backwards when turning the knob forwards once. Now, my car stereo’s volume control exhibits the same behaviour when it’s really cold, but I don’t expect it on a well-made synth or module!

  4. fake, but a really cool fake.. uhhh.. it still has the “push it” button..?
    i wouldnt buy it because i have a mopho already, but it sure would be cool, mainly because there wouldnt have to be a “push it” button.. .

  5. haha take this down!~ I created this as a joke years ago when the Mopho was first released. This is old hat!

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