Free 500MB Kontakt Sample Library

Sample Logic has introduced a free 500 MB Kontakt sample library.

TryPack consists of a small collection of over 30 kontakt instruments from three Sample Logic’s products: AIR, Elements, and Synergy.

The 30 instruments within TryPack deliver a wide range of sounds from ambient soundscapes and cinematic impacts, to Hip Hop inspired vocals and worldly tempo-synced rhythms. TryPack is a small taste of what their 3 products AIR, Elements, and Synergy are all about.

Please Note: The TryPack content is formatted as a Kontakt based sample library, which requires kontakt 2, or 3.

9 thoughts on “Free 500MB Kontakt Sample Library

  1. I downloaded the free library, but it doesnt work with kontakt 2 on pc.
    instruments crashing after doubleclicking in kontakt.

  2. guys i downloaded a kontakt player 4 from which is about 500mb also..when i install it i found no instruments in the library…there are no free samples for a 500mb?! or is it just me who did not intalled the program correctly…

  3. you pirated kontakt player which is FREE you retard. that's what you get for not supporting the talented folks who created Kontakt. Congrats on your virus btw.

  4. that guy must work for the company LOL. all these software companies should come down on the price anyway! or at least offer inexpensive, lite–yet still capable versions of the software–and put virus-free versions of older software out there for free–and frickin face the fact that software is getting easier to get these days. instead of paying people like zeromod to make whine to the Internets!
    they'd still save money!!
    what the hell do they expect?? its a recession!

  5. 3rd party libraries will not work with Kontakt player, you need the full version. For the price of the full version you may as well buy Komplete 8. Then you get Kontakt, Reaktor, Battery 3, Massive, etc. Way more value. Then you can use freebies like this. I'm using Komplete and love it. I don't resent the fact that I had to pay for it. Programmers and musicians need to eat and pay bills too. If you really want it, save for it. If there is no way you could ever afford it, there are cheaper options for producing music.

  6. This Try Pack DOES work with the Free Version of Kontakt, just one of the Sample Sets does not work. So that’s like 24 or 25 instruments for $5? Still worth it in my book.

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