2 thoughts on “MFB Kraftzwerg Audio Demo

  1. Very cool. Would really like to get some feedback of a buying market for this specialized afficianado music style/trend. Can an electronic music artist using their collection of pure modular and/or hybrid gear make a living recording, marketing and performing full time. It is such an interesting time for rediscovering pure analog but the economy is so discouraging. If anyone has a vista on what the possibilities are for having a full time career at this, please respond.

    Appreciate all you are doing Synthtopia!

  2. grfx303

    I think it’s as challenging as ever to make a living doing electronic music – but that it’s doable for people that are really creative musically, open to experimenting with Internet media and who are willing to live the poor musician life for a while.

    I’d be interested in others’ perspectives, too!

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