Musicrow Vintage Strings MkIII

Musicrow has released Vintage Strings MkIII, a virtual string machine that replicates the sound of analog string ensemble keyboards from the 70’s, like the Arp Solina and the Crumar Multiman.

Vintage Strings MkIII can produce a wide range of rich warm string pads, and other atmospheric sounds. It make no use samples, so any of its presets can be tweaked.

The third version of Vintage Strings presents various new features that expand its sound capabilities and make it even better:

  • The color control in the timbre section enables the creation of new choir and pad sounds.
  • In the envelope section, you can now choose the analog envelope mode, for an accurate emulation of vintage string machines envelopes.
  • The reverb section was revamped and now enables you to select between a smooth studio reverb and an authentic spring reverb.
  • The new 7th buttons enables each string section to play seven notes above the original pitch, for thicker string sounds.
  • The old user interface was replaced with a new one.

Main Features:

  • Realistic emulation of vintage string machines.
  • Two separate string sections.
  • Chorus section that accurately emulates the chorus effect on vintage string machines.
  • Advanced reverb section with a smooth studio reverb and authentic spring reverb.
  • “Analog” and regular envelope modes.

Vintage Strings MkIII is available as a VST instrument for Windows and costs €59. Existing users of Vintage Strings MkII can upgrade to the new MkIII version for €19.

If you’ve used Vintage Strings MkIII, leave a comment with your thoughts!

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