Blade Runner Synth Jam

I’m a Blade Runner freak, so, this Blade Runner Synth Jam caught my eye:

The opening titles from ‘Blade Runner’ by Vangelis on a microKORG and an ARP Axxe.

I can’t make an Axxe sound like a CS-80, of course… ‘but then again, who does?’ 😛

It’s nice to see a fairly reasonable cover done on relatively cheap gear – but nothing sounds like a Yamaha CS-80!

via EnvelopeGenerator

5 thoughts on “Blade Runner Synth Jam

  1. In the name of shameless self promotion I would recommend going to my site, and click on the redgreenblue link. I’m a huge BR/Vangelis fan and try to capture some of the essence of his music.

    ‘I want more life ……’

  2. BlueBrat – you’ll want to check out the Vangelis posts on Synthtopia, there are a ton of them.

    Nobody really does Vangelis like Vangelis, obviously, but there are other interesting orchestral electronica artists you should check out. You might start with David Wright & Robert Fox at AD Music and Alpha Wave Movement.

    Check out Shane’s site, he’s got a free album to download there – and if anybody else is doing Vangelis-style orchestral electronica, feel free to plug it here!

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