MspidermanM: Me Playing Electronic Keyboard

MspidermanM’s Me Playing Electronic Keyboard has a infectiously happy naive quality about it – it’s so happy that it may just creep you out a bit.

via MspidermanM:

After one week self-study how to play electronic keyboard, I recorded the first chord played on my brother’s Casio CT-670 which he bought in 1996.

But he couldn’t handle it, my niece also, even after attending course to learn how to play.

They were all failed and he’s shocked when I played 3 solos once he came to visit us yesterday. (because he just gave it to me half month).

I just responded him that ‘nothing is impossible’ with smile.

Enjoy it,the audio part of the video! Although it’s just a very basic level.

Enoesque naiveté or just kitch? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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