Save The Keytar!

Keytars aren’t as easy to find as they were in the 80’s, perhaps because of risk of auto-emasculation in males.

We’ve highlighted the social risks of playing the keytar in the past, as a courtesy of readers.

Manufacturers are becoming aware of these risks, too. Some, like Roland, are even going so far as “re-branding” their keytars as “shoulder synthesizers”.

Unfortunately, use of the term “shoulder synthesizer” is also known to have an auto-emasculating effect on many keyboardists, and should be avoided, for this reason.

Fortunately, there are those that are willing to risk auto-emasculatory effects and champion the keytar. With this in mind, we bring you this video: Save The Keytar.

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3 thoughts on “Save The Keytar!

  1. The keytar should be saved but also renamed so it doesn’t make people associate the keyboardist with synth-pop from the cheesy 80s (the Zen Riffer is a very good example of this).
    I would love to own a keyboard which is held like a guitar just ’cause I play Metal.

    So I support saving the keyboard which is held like a guitar but not used for cheesy music that is mindless.

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