VJ Kung Fu: Structure in VJ Performance

Surya Buchwald, aka Momo the Monster of VJ Kung Fu takes a look at structuring a VJ performance:

So much of Visual Performance is improv – anticipating where things are going and reacting in interesting ways. I was thinking about this recently, and about how I’m always winging it when it comes to preparing for a show (unless it’s one where I’ve gotten to really practice with the Audio artist). I remembered how much easier it was to practice improv comedy through the use of games – with real structure.

With a head full of nostalgia (and a healthy dose of MVC and Framework research I’ve been doing recently for work), I set out to create a structure for my performances.

He goes on to outline a four layer approach:

  1. Background – Scene-setting clips.
  2. Playground – Video Instruments (Quartz Composer)
  3. Foreground – Elements on black, textures.
  4. Overlay – Logos, text.

Give the video a view and let me know what you think.

The worlds of DJing and VJing are getting blurred, and Buchwald offers an interesting approach to laying down a foundation for audiovisual improvisation.

via Peter Kirn at CDM

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