10 thoughts on “Depeche Mode – Wrong

  1. A great song and a great video. I have the box set of the new album on pre-order here already and tickets for the gig at The O2 in May.

    They’re on Steve Lamaq’s show this afternoon between 4 & 6 GMT on BBC Radio 6.

  2. Wow. Intense. The Video was surreal, like David Lynch on meth.

    I see Martin still has his issues to work on…..LOL

    And yea – SOLID track, good to see these guys going strong and keeping the sound synthy.

  3. Oh hell yeah. I love this! It’s a great concept, victim is bound in a car zipping backwards smashing stuff up. A little bit like the “Saw” movies and almost a companion piece for Kanye Wests’ “Lights” video. Cars and death, can’t go wrong there, the backwards/masked twist is original too.
    The track is tight, I’ll have to nab tix for this tour. I hope to hell Ladytron is the opener, it would be a great fit.

  4. I’m liking both the track and the video more after watching it again! Great mix of adrenaline and hopelessness….

  5. The actor in the video is the member of a band (cannot remember the name right now) and they had a video made by the same director that looks very similar… coincidence??

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