Rare 1979 Kraftwerk Autobahn Animation

This is a rare 1979 animated video, by Roger Mainwood, for the Kraftwerk classic Autobahn.

Mainwood explains:

I remember wanting to specifically not have conventional cars in the film. I wanted a sense of a repetitive journey, and alienation, which I took to be what the music was about,…………hence the solitary futuristic figure, protected by large goggles, moving through and trying to connect with the journey he is taking.

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Part 2 below.

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2 thoughts on “Rare 1979 Kraftwerk Autobahn Animation

  1. This is excellent. I wish there was a DVD!

    Putting work like that together was a lot harder back then, before everyone had a video editing suite pre-installed on their “PCs”. Hats off to Roger!


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