Doomsday Device

The Doomsday Device is $24.95 kit to create a noise generator that operates entirely on body resistance.

At the heart of a circuit is a Motorola MC14001 U Quad Gate, basically a 4 oscillator circuit to tweak. Various spots on the board have been found to cause nice variations in the resulting sound that the circuit was originally intended to produce. The kit can fit into a very small housing, such as a VHS case, or a kid’s lunchbox. The included touch contacts create a rugged interface with the board for interesting and expressive sound generation.

The project’s intent is to be very open ended and easy to personalize, while at the same time being quick and reliable to assemble. The instructions include body contact solder points that will modify the sound expressively, however not all the possibilities have been explored; if you want to circuit bend this device further, it will provide ample opportunities.

If you make a version of this, leave a comment with your thoughts!

via CremeDeMentia

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