Roland GC-10 Guitar Controller, GI-20 With Native Instruments Reaktor 5.0

This video shows the Roland GC-10 Guitar Controller with the Roland GI-20, driving Native Instruments REaktor 5.0 run as a standalone application on a Intel Mac.

via WayneJoness:

Video demo of the rare Roland GC-10 13-pin guitar synthesizer controller. These controllers were primarily sold in Japan, often with the Roland GI-10, guitar to MIDI interface.

The GC-10 was never sold in the United States, and I cannot find any reference to the GC-10 in any English language Roland product brochures.

Lots of surprising sounds coming from a guitar! If you’ve used the GC-10/GI-20, leave a comment with your thoughts!

2 thoughts on “Roland GC-10 Guitar Controller, GI-20 With Native Instruments Reaktor 5.0

  1. Now that would be the type of guitar solution that would make me want to learn. I’ve always wondered why there hasn’t been a better midi implementation for guitar.

    Considering all the effort going into USB controllers etc… you’d think it would be a natural fit to profile a guitar like this in North America. Then again… I don;t know how to play guitar.

  2. I own a GI-20. I use it with a GK midi pick up kit that was professionally installed on a G&L strat. The results were startling and took a bit to get use to. Some of the sounds have to be played carefully or you get errors, weird sounds, or a trill. Some patchs need to have aftertouch or bends programmed in. Oh yea…it comes as a default setting to have a different sound for each string. You have to program it for all six strings to play the same patch.There is latency on some of the patches, but most are very good. I use korg triton and roland fantom XR modules. The sound quality is good. The whole thing cost in the area of $800. However the freedom of not waiting for a keyborad player in the studio is priceless. Im not saying this is better than a good key player, just a relief in the studio. One last thing. It only comes with a 10 foot 13 pin cord and no rack ears (RAD-50). So count on spending on those two extra items

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