NLog Synthesizer For The iPhone

TempoRubato has released NLog (App Store link) – a subtractive synth for the iPhone.


Substractive sound algorithm with classic analog waveforms. Professional 44.1 kHz Stereo CD quality with internal high performance realtime floating point engine.

Details below.

If you’ve used NLog, leave a comment with your thoughts on it!

Sound editing features:

  • 2 Oscilators with sine, square, sawtooth and triangle waveforms
  • Pulsewidth modulation, frequency modulation and ring modulation
  • Noise generator
  • Filter with cutoff and resonance control
  • 3 Envelope generators
  • 2 LFOs
  • Rich set of modulation parameter
  • Stereo delay with cross-feed
  • 32 factory sounds and 96 user editable sounds


  • sliding octave control
  • dynamic velocity from vertical position
  • optional after touch modulation

3 thoughts on “NLog Synthesizer For The iPhone

  1. I recently acquired an iPod Touch and it’s been a lot of fun trying out the different music apps, from the more toy-ish tap-me pianos to advanced synths and beatmakers.

    Incidentally, from Twitter:

    Torley – @bt Dreamed I was browsing iTunes App Store and got Break Tweaker for my iPod Touch. I thot was WOW but this was WOWBOWCHICKAWOWWWW

    BT – @torley boy are there suprises in store for you!!!!

    Suspense eh?

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