“Twin Delay” Rebote 2.5 Delay Echo Digital Analog Pedal

“Twin Delay” Rebote 2.5 Delay Echo Digital Analog Pedal

via djthomaswhite:

Here is my build of the popular Rebote 2.5 Delay project as offered by www.tonepad.com.

This is a $14 PCB where you source and build the rest of the parts. It is actually a great kit for someone looking to get into DIY projects that have to be soldered by hand.

The enclosure is from www.pedalpartsplus.com and I got the source wrong in the video. Sorry PPP!

It is kind of hard to tell, but the powder coating these guys do is AMAZING. The delay is based on the PT2399 chip and is technically a digital delay, although on board filtering of the echo tails makes it sound quite analog. I built two echos in the same box, with echo #1 feeding into echo #2. The connection is via a switching jack so you can use it as two separate echos just by plugging in to the 2nd echo input.

Other wise it is a dual true-bypass unit with only a need for 1 input and 1 output. I’d like to have three in one unit, but two works wonders in the end. Build one!

It is perfect for synths or guitar and can handle a decent input volume. Very cool and very fun to play with.

If you’ve built this DIY project, leave a comment with your thoughts!

3 thoughts on ““Twin Delay” Rebote 2.5 Delay Echo Digital Analog Pedal

  1. Dear Sir, What a great idea! I'm a beginner regarding how to connect them both. Can you be able to illustrate (not schematic pls!) on how did you do it? I'm very much excited in building this one!

  2. Hi.
    I want to make this project but i have too many doubts with the wiring. Output of delay 1 its connect with delay 2 but how?

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