AudioCubes Get Qwartz Award For Being Awesome

Percussa has been given a Qwartz award, for coming up with the awesome AudioCubes.

Says Qwartz:

Qwartz Max Mathews rewards a genius invention: this year, we attribute the Qwartz Max Mathews to Bert Schiettecatte, of Percussa, for the invention of Audiocubes instruments.

The aims of the Qwartz are to present and make heard the many facets of the contemporary electronic and digital music scene; give people the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of this music and enjoy it to the full; support the creativity and cultural diversity that independent production can ensure.

An awards ceremony dedicated to musical and artistic excellence closes each edition and is held in Paris. This evening, open to the public, brings together the nominated artists and labels, as well as the principal players on the electronic and cultural scene: producers, artists, delegates from cultural centres, representatives of institutions and civil societies, journalists, partners.

Taylor Deupree presides the fifth edition and the Jury’s president is Enki Bilal. The Awards Ceremony takes place in the prestigious Cirque d’Hiver Bouglione on Friday, the 3rd of April.

Have any readers attended or been involved with the Qwarz awards in the past? If so, leave a comment!

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