Tiga – Mind Dimension

This is the music video for Tiga’s Mind Dimension.

via officialtiga:

Jeff Minter and Ivan Zorzin of Llamasoft were entrusted to translate Tiga’s ‘Mind Dimension’ to the Video Dimension.

How? By making a video about that very dimension.

Founded in 1982, Llamasoft has produced experimental visual synths, as well as arcade-style console hits like ‘Tempest 2000’ and, more recently, the awesome ‘Space Giraffe’.

None of which, unfortunately, featured Tiga (with the obvious exceptions of Tiga Force, Tigaquest and Tiga’s Pro Handball).”

The video is loosely based on an experience I had after eating a mood ring,” says Tiga. “In my quest to recreate it, I rented a pyramid to be used in the video. Was it worth committing to a nine-year Egyptian tour? Judge for yourselves.”

2 thoughts on “Tiga – Mind Dimension

  1. Great track, love Tiga. IMO Not as good as stuff on Sexor, though.

    I’ve been a fan of Jeff Minter’s work ever since Gridrunner on the C64 (damn I’m old!).

    Cool video, but it does seem “screensaver-ey”. Maybe because the whole “zapping graphics sensing the beat” thing has been overdone so much, esp from the Llamasoft WinAmp plugins. At least other graphics (i.e. Tiga’s face image) appears to add some variety.

  2. RobP. says “….from the Llamasoft WinAmp plugins…”
    Llamasoft haven’t done any plugins for Winamp or WMP. The visualisers on those media players just seem to be inspired by previous Llamasoft lightsynths, such as Colourspace, Psychedelia, Trip-A-Tron, etc.

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