Gustavo Bravetti: DJing With Alternative Controllers

This is a fun video of Gustavo Bravetti DJing with alternative controllers at Tribaltech 2009. 

There’s often a complete disconnect between what you see at electronic music events and what you hear. For anyone who’s thrilled to a pyrotechnic solo, this can leave you wanting. 

Or just leave you wondering WTF the DJ is doing. 

Kudos to Bravetti for working on closing this gap, in some very creative ways.

2 thoughts on “Gustavo Bravetti: DJing With Alternative Controllers

  1. Sorry, but I see no DJ. Actually this is a live performance. But yes, this could also be done with a DJsetup. And OH yes this is the future of DJing. Performance is the keyword! Using the D-Beam is so 90´s ^^

  2. Was just making a very similar tone sitting amongst the luxurious bubbles in my bathtub. Haven’t achieved the exact upper range frequencies, but close enough to warrant a smile.

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