Free Ableton Operator Download Offers “Less Cowbell”

CDM has a free Ableton Operator download from Francis Preve, a principle Ableton sound designer.

Preve has created hundreds of presets since 2004, and has a new single out that makes use of some of those sonic possibilities, combining Operator with juicy spectral and granular effects in Live 7.

“The essence of the original 808 Cowbell consisted of four simultaneous sawtooth waves at the following frequencies: 1.94 kHz, 1.37 kHz, 835 Hz, 555 Hz. By using the all-carrier Operator algorithm, fixed tuning, and a lot of tinkering with the envelopes, I was able to pretty much nail the original sound. From there, it was just a matter of creating a a bunch of Macros to manipulate as the groove developed.”

You need Live 7 & a copy of Operator to check this out.

Download here.

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